Corporate social investment

Safe and well maintained communities remain a key challenge for all Namibians. The lack of infrastructure and resources are factors that continue to expose vulnerable communities to economic and social hardship. The lack of adequate safety and security related services in these communities prevent communities from breaking the cycle of poverty and socio-economic hardship. For this reason, Santam is committed to creating a stable and prosperous society - one that ensures a successful country with markets full of potential. The importance of our selected programmes addresses key social risks such as increased levels of violence and substance abuse, as these are the real issues many communities are currently facing and which ultimately affect the children.

We have always seen the potential of young people and endeavour to support the realisation thereof through our CSI programmes. Our CSI strategy's core focus is on YOUTH, which is aligned with our company strategy and our approach to prioritise developmental work. By focusing our CSI strategy on safe and secure community schools and breaking the cycles of violence and crime, we hope to support the long term interest of society as well as our own core business of insurance.

In 2014, Santam group invested just under R12 million into corporate social investment programmes.

Santam Child Art

The Santam Child Art project is a recognised and well-established national initiative that aims to promote the love of art among children in South Africa and Namibia. It offers a platform for our children to express and present their thoughts and ideas in a creative manner.

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Staff volunteerism

The Santam Staff Volunteerism programme was initiated in 2009 as a way of encouraging Santam employees to become more involved in their communities.

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We recommend that you submit your request for funding at least four months prior to the anticipated project starting date. Submit your project proposal in either hard copy or electronic format as follow:

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