Classic product

Protecting the things you value most and putting you at the centre of everything we do is important to us. That’s why our improved offering for individuals is much more superior when compared to its predecessor. We have carefully selected covers and limits to give you cover which can be customised to suit your specific needs, while still maintaining the quality you have come to expect from Santam.

Key features and benefits of this product

Our insurance cover has unique features specially designed to protect your valued possessions, so you’ll get the protection you really want.

Comprehensive cover

This product designed by balancing the comprehensive cover and pricing to offer great value for money. The improved covers and limits have been carefully selected based on market research, listening to you, your changing insurance needs and benchmarking against other general insurers.

Personalised premiums

We treat our clients as individuals and not as a name and number. Our premiums are calculated to give you accurate and customised rates based on your individual risk profile.

Simplified policy wording

We have simplified our policy wording to make it easy to understand covers and limits, as well as optional covers that can be customised to suit individual needs.

Flat excess

To help you manage your budget, we have flat excess structures, and these do not vary with the size of the claim. Knowing your excess amount upfront removes the surprise factor when a claim is submitted.

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Benefits unique to this product

As a Santam client you always get more. We’ve put together these unique cover and benefits for you:

Our contents insurance covers the following:

  • Accidental breakage of mirrors and certain glass inside your house
  • Rental amount for alternative accommodation should your house be damaged after an insured event and not suitable to live in
  • Fire-extinguishing charges incurred as a result of an insured event to prevent or reduce damage to your property
  • Damage to your property caused by wild monkeys or baboons
  • Accidental spoiling of the contents of your refrigerators or freezers inside your private residence
  • Medical expenses of guests and domestic employees
  • Cost of trauma treatment after theft, burglary, hijacking or fire
  • The cost of employing security guards after an insured event
  • The necessary costs of removing debris or your damaged contents after loss or damage caused by an insured event
  • Washing on the line against any insured event

House contents

10% extra house contents cover

For most of us, December is a time of celebration, insurance is probably the last thing you want to consider. That’s why, as a Santam client, you automatically get 10% extra home contents cover at no additional cost from 15 December to 31 January. This is to ensure everything you own, including those new gifts you receive over the holidays, are properly covered should the unfortunate happen.

Optional limited bed and breakfast accommodation

This cover will apply only if three or fewer bedrooms of your private residence are rented out to guests and you live in the private residence on a permanent basis.

Optional restoration of computer data cover

Should anything happen to your computer, as a result of an insured event, we will assist you with the restoration of data that has been lost, corrupted or made inaccessible.

 Motor insurance

For a minimal cost you can add the following to your policy:

  • Cover for specified accessories
  • Cover for tools, spare parts and travel accessories
  • Cover for credit shortfall (with/without residual)
  • Cover for accidental damage to tyres and rims


Our watercraft insurance covers the following, at no additional cost:

  • Emergency accommodation, up to two nights, for you and your passengers if you cannot complete your journey because your watercraft is lost or damaged
  • Trauma treatment by a registered professional counsellor following hijacking of the watercraft

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