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The Santam yellow umbrella embodies our philosophy of insurance good and proper, and has covered Namibians for almost 70 years. Over this time, we have made it our business to understand what is most important to you and the risks you face. Our promise of insurance good and proper means we take the time to understand risks you may face and consider the solutions best suited to you. As Namibia’s leading general insurer, we offer cover that does not leave you with more questions than answers. Our insurance cover gets you back on your feet after an unfortunate insured incident. Now that is insurance good and proper.


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The benefits of insuring with us

Santam is the insurer of choice for thousands of Namibians countrywide. We help keep you safe by delivering
insurance good and proper.

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Personal cover options

Our flat excess structure

We can’t keep the unexpected from happening. But we can make sure that there are no nasty surprises when it comes to your insurance and you are not left with more questions than answers. Our excess structure enables us to fulfil our promise to you of insurance good and proper. With our flat excess, you know upfront how much your excess will be thus eliminating surprises at claims time. Now that’s proper, dependable, thorough insurance against any eventuality.


• A flat excess of n$3 000 applies instead of a percentage of the claim value
• A flat windscreen excess of n$1 000 and an excess of n$3 000 for repatriation claims applies


• The excess for claims relating to lightning is n$500 and n$250 for accidental damage


• The excess for claims is n$500 and n$100 for accidental damage.


• A flat excess of n$1 250 instead of a percentage of the claim value applies.

Excess for clients 55 years and older

• No excess applicable

Cover for connoisseurs

Personal legal liability

Personal legal liability provides insurance cover if you are legally responsible for the accidental death of illness of or injury to someone who is not a member of your household. This cover includes your legal responsibility for accidental physical loss of or damage to someone else’s property or belongings.

Extended personal legal liability

No matter where you go in the world, we will ensure that you are covered against eventualities which you are not covered for under our Personal legal liability section.

Legal costs and expenses

This option provides cover for any personal legal costs and expenses. This includes legal defence costs of family matters as well as criminal, civil or labour court actions.

Personal accident

We provide cover for your accidental death or permanent disability as a result of bodily injury due to, and within 12 months of an accident.

Hospital benefit plan

Our hospital benefit plan compensates you for each 24-hour day in hospital as a result of an event which you are insured for.

All Risks

We carry expensive lifestyle items and other valuables with us every day. Our All Risks solution provides cover for loss of or damage to items you normally wear or carry with you outside your home.

Our All risks section includes cover for:

  • Clothing and personal effects - the clothes you wear, as well as the personal items you carry with you, including personal sporting equipment; and
  • Specified items – items that need to be specified for cover, based on their correct value. This includes keys, locks, remote control units, certain collections, bicycles, laptops, tablets and cellphones. All specified items will be reflected in your policy.




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Santam shares the latest news and great perspectives on everything from the formation of lightning and your car’s tyre tread to your house’s roof, your business’ gutters and just about anything else that affects your safety.

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28 May 2015

Santam sponsored Western Cape Young Farmer of the Year announced

Carl van der Merwe was named the Agri Western Cape and Santam Agriculture Young Farmer of the Year 2015. Van der Merwe farms with apples and pears on Boplaas in Ceres.

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