Asset insurance

Having your livestock insured is one thing, but what about all your farm implements and computer equipment? Santam also offers farmers asset insurance.

Cover options

Property insurance

We understand the agricultural industry’s risks, which is why we provide insurance for your farm’s fixed and moveable properties against a number of risks.

Our offering entails:

  • Cover for the theft of electricity cables or water pipes
  • Cover for the refuelling of your car with the incorrect fuel
  • Cover for the damage to your tyres (up to N$30 000)
  • If an individual is over the age of 55, no excess will be applicable
  • Cover for pumps on river banks against storm damage
  • Cover for damage that you are legally liable for in the event of a fire starting on your farm and spreading to the neighbouring farm
  • The settlement of pivot irrigation systems on replacement value

Car insurance

We cover your cars, bakkies, trucks, trailers, tractors, combines and farm implements with:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third-party, fire and theft
  • Third-party only

When covered by our comprehensive cover, you benefit from:

  • Car repairs up to N$5 000 without prior consent
  • Medical expenses following a car accident up to N$5 000 per occupant
  • Automatically included contingent liability
  • Automatically included unauthorised passenger liability cover of up to N$2,5 million
  • Replacement of new cars with low mileage in the event of a car write-off as a result of an accident, theft or hijacking
  • Emergency accommodation of up to N$5 000 in the event of a car accident
  • Free excess waiver for individuals over the age of 55
  • Cover for damage to tyres of agricultural tractors, harvesters and agricultural implements of up to N$30 000
  • Vehicle hire if your vehicle is not drivable due to loss or damage
  • Car accident death benefit for employees of up to N$60 000 per occupant

Liability insurance

You don't want to be left exposed to payment for damages for which you become legally liable as a result of death or bodily injury to people not employed by you and/or damage to someone else's property. We will cover you for:

  • Hunter's liability
  • Warehouseman's liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Umbrella liability
  • Liability as a result of your animals
  • Liability as a result of a fire spreading from your farm
  • Liability as a result of a product you provided
  • Liability as a result of a dam wall breaking or overflowing

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The benefits of insuring with us

Santam is the insurer of choice for thousands of Namibians countrywide. We help keep you safe by delivering
insurance good and proper.

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Additional cover

As farmers or producers you can take extra insurance to cover against:

  • Employees stealing your property.
  • Death of you or your farmworker.

Other sections

We provide flexible policies which take your insurance needs into account. We can add a number of options to your cover, including:

  • Cover for goods being transported
  • Accidental damage cover for pivot irrigation systems
  • Guesthouses
  • Watercraft insurance
  • Cover for your veld being destroyed by a fire
  • Extended cover for your 4x4
  • Death of your livestock

Comprehensive cover benefits

You don't want to be left exposed to payment for damages for which you become legally liable as a result of death or bodily injury to people not employed by you and/or damage to someone else's property. We will cover you for:

  • Comprehensive cover - Santam not only protects your crops, but also protects you from exposure to liabilities on your farms as a result of damage to your properties, spread of fire, dam wall damage, death or injuries, products liability and much more.
  • Specialist solutions - Ranging from pivot irrigation systems to livestock, our specialist products will suit your needs.
  • Value-added benefits - Santam offers farmers and producers added benefits when insuring their assets, such as access to emergency medical assistance and funeral cover for themselves and their farmworkers. Santam clients who belong to registered and approved Fire Protection Associations (FPAs) also benefit from reduced premiums.

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