Claiming online: here’s how to do it

Claiming online: here’s how to do it

No one likes claiming, we know. In our recent advertising campaign, we asked people what they’d rather do than claim - getting a haircut from a kid or taking a shower in a carwash were some of the hilarious answers we got back. So because we want to make claiming as easy and convenient as possible for our policyholders, here’s a reminder that you can manage your insurance online on our dedicated client website and Santam app. It’s just another way that we do insurance good and proper.

Claiming on the Santam Client Portal

Accidents and incidents are stressful situations and you might not always be ready to answer all the necessary questions over the phone. Rather make a claim at your own time and pace online. On the Santam app or client website you can:

  • Register a claim
  • Track open claims
  • View your claims history
  • View your policy details
  • View your payment details
  • Request policy changes

Once you have submitted your claim, you will instantly receive a claims number - which you can use to track the progress of your claim - as well as an email confirmation. You can also view all your documents in one place - should you have any queries about what’s covered and what is not - and request that we phone you back.

The documents you will require

Whether you submit your claim over the phone or online, please ensure that you have the necessary documentation ready as these differ depending on the type of claim. For example, if you bump your car into a wall, we will need a police case number, your driver’s licence and Public Driving Permit (PDP) if applicable, but if your collision involved a third party, we will need the aforementioned documents plus details of the third party. If anything is stolen from your home - e.g. a TV or laptop - we will need a police case number,  invoices as proof of repair/replacement, quotations to replace items and reports from service provider (Damage Report). View the full list of documents required here.

Reporting incidents on the Santam app or client website

The Santam Incident Reporter provides you with all the tools you’d need to report, document, and submit an accident or incident report directly to us, all within a matter of minutes. From your phone, you can record audio statements, directly upload incident photos, even call the police. If you’ve already submitted a claim, you can also track its progress on the app. What’s more, you can use the app to request changes to your policies and receive updates from us from wherever you are.

What happens to the actual claim?

We know that claims time is crunch time so we sort it out as quickly as possible. Rest assured that when you deal with Namibia's leading short-term insurer, you have a team of experts on hand who are highly skilled in handling even the most specialised claim. What’s more, we look for reasons to pay you, rather than not. Because we believe that's what proper insurance should do. It’s one of the reasons consumers and brokers voted us the most reliable personal insurer when it comes to paying claims.

Keep visiting our client portal as we will be adding additional functionality to it. Read more useful articles on making your insurance work for you on our blog - navigating insurance has never been easier.

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