Tips on how to protect yourself from lightning

Tips on how to protect yourself from lightning

Facts About Thunderstorms: What You Need To Know About Lightning

When lightning strikes, it is far more prevalent in Gauteng. Our research has shown that the average house in Johannesburg and Pretoria will be struck by lightning once every 25 years however, the same house will experience power surges, due to lightning, more than ten times per year. Our technical specialists have put together some advice and tips on how to keep safe during a thunder and lightning storm.

What happens when lightning strikes?

Whilst there are a few theories around, it is the cloud to ground phenomena where the lightning arcs with the ground, structures (buildings, towers etc.) and plant life such as trees that affects us. A lightning bolt can set leaves or a tree ablaze which often spreads rapidly with the prevailing wind that usually accompanies a thunderstorm.

Roughly 80% of wild-land fires in South Africa are caused by human carelessness with a smaller portion attributable to by lightning.

How to protect yourself against lightning

The best place to be when lightning strikes, is indoors or in your car. If you happen to be outside during a thunderstorm, never seek shelter under a tree.

Make sure you unplug all your appliances and electronic equipment before a thunderstorm threatens. A flash of lightning lasts a second, however, the time consuming process of replacing damaged goods can take much longer.

Preparation is important.  Draw up at list of emergency numbers and make sure that it is either well displayed or easily accessible in the event of a thunderstorm.

Here are some more lighting safety tips* and advice on how to stay safe in a storm*.

Protect your home and business against lightning/fire

Surge protection is absolutely essential to any home and business. Have an electrician check the wiring system regularly. Installing lightning and surge protection will give you peace of mind during a storm and help prevent damage.

Are you covered against lightning?

Santam offers protection against loss as a result of lightning (e.g. fire, business interruption) in both its business and individual insurance offering.

Speak to your insurer today to find out if you're covered.

Affected by lightning?

If you're a Santam policyholder and you've been affected by lightning call our 24/7 SOS and claims line on 0860 505 911 for assistance. Be Safe out there.

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