Our company

Who we are

Our company

Santam is widely regarded as the leading and most trusted brand in the Namibian short-term insurance industry. As part of the largest general insurance
group in Namibia, Santam currently holds a local market share of over 30%.

Key to its success is Santam’s unyielding commitment to providing insurance good and proper. At Santam, we believe in a simple principle - that insurance
is something that should add value and peace of mind, not questions, uncertainty, parameters or excuses.

This has been our philosophy since we first opened our doors in Windhoek in 1956.

Investment credentials

Santam's success has been, and will continue to be, determined by our ability to adapt to a dynamic systemic risk landscape. Over the years, Santam has been
able to continually reposition and improve itself in the changing business environment, to employ the best people, to provide a relevant offering to clients,
and to optimise systems to drive efficiency. This is and will remain at the core of our value proposition.

As an investment, the group offers the following:

  • Access to the largest general insurance group in Africa with a market share in excess of 30% in Namibia.
  • A group insuring 20 of the top 30 companies listed on the Namibia Stock Exchange.
  • Diversified insurance product offering and distribution channels.
  • Efficient capital management and a stable dividend policy.
  • A group well-positioned to deal with and benefit from regulatory changes.
  • Good transformation credentials supported by three empowerment trusts and the recent establishment of
    the Santam Resilient Investment Fund.
  • International diversification through the new Sanlam Emerging Markets partnership, Santam Re and
    Santam Specialist.

The group

Santam has managed to build a diverse group that encompasses four business units and an international investment portfolio. This diversity, coupled with a world-class scientific
underwriting capability, enables the group to steer its way through the ups and downs of the typical underwriting cycle.

The business units are:

  • Commercial and Personal
  • Niche


For personal insurance, we have a broad and sophisticated multi product and multichannel distribution offering that provides our clients with comprehensive cover through a wide
range of value-add products. Our policies offer unique benefits to their target segment and can be tailored through flexible excess structures and policy benefits to suit each client's needs.



For commercial insurance, we offer a business portfolio in South Africa and Namibia that serves small to large enterprises by providing flexible and unique commercial insurance solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. We follow a client-centric approach by rating commercial risks according to tailored risk profiles. 



For niche insurance, we offer solutions suited for this market’s complex and unique risks. Underwriting these classes requires skilled resources to assess and quantify the risk and exposure, and is evaluated through our underwriting managers and business units. Our strategic intent is to provide specialist products that are client-driven and supported by bespoke underwriting criteria to manage and quantify their risks.